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26.10.2006, 15:40
hallo ..
ich bin ausland medizin student .....ich studiere in Syrien und lerne deutsch ...
ich will ein praktikum in röhn klinikum in märy machen ...aber meindeutsch ist nicht sehr gut ...ich brauche helfen
i will explain in english :i need some simple text in deutsch language ..how 2 examen and take the story from the patient ( my problem is the language ...i don`t want 2 look like a stupid just becoz my poor language )

i need that for the practice

26.10.2006, 16:37

i took a short look around but i did not find anything really useful...
maybe it is more helpful if we build a little series auf easy questions? to give a few examples:

"Hello, I'm Mr./Mrs. XXXX, I'm studying medicine in syria" = "Hallo, ich bin Herr/Frau XXXX, ich studiere in Syrien Medizin"

"How do you feel?" = "Wie geht es ihnen?"

"Where does it hurt?" = "Wo tut es weh?"

and so on...you could type in the questions you're interested in in english and we could translate them for you....

27.10.2006, 14:56
Zuerst vielen dank für Sie .....das will mir sehr hilfen
Ich habe fragen geschrieben ..
I wrote some questions in English i used the same way that we use here …….if do u ask the same question in different way please answer me in ur way ….i mean that what I need is the way that the patient in Germany can understand and the way that physicians in Germany accept it ……..

and thank u verz much again ...

General questions:
Where r u from originally??
What is ur job?
When did u enter the hospital??
Do u drink?? How often ??

Cardiovascular System
Do u suffer of chest pain??
What kind of pain is it? Stabbing or slowly increasing or like discomfort?
How long did the pain last??
Where is the site of pain exactly?
Is there any position u that makes u feel better when u have pain??
Do u suffer of dyspnea??
Is it at night or during the day??
What kind of effort did u make before being dyspnoeic?
How many stairs did u climb before having dyspnea?? How long did u walk before having dyspnea?
Do u suffer of dyspnea when u lie flat??
How many pillows do u use to sleep on to feel comfortable?
Do u feel dizzy sometimes?? Or did u feel dizzy before?
Did u lose ur conscious?? If yes how long did u stay unconscious?
Did u fall down??
Is there any swelling in ur feet or ankles??
Did u feel sometime that ur heart is beating very quickly??
Did u suffer of unusual sweating??
Did u vomit??
Did u go out o the toilette?? Did u urinate??

Did u suffer of such symptoms in the past??
Do u suffer of any chronic disease like hypertension or asthma or diabetes?
Does anybody from ur family suffer of such chronic diseases??
Do u take any medication in the last period …do u take any constant medication??
Did u need any surgery in the past??
Were u hospitalized before?