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21.12.2007, 21:57
< has lost her helmet
v has found it and will give it to me

26.12.2007, 13:08
^ well you got a new one now, so there's no need to give the old one back to you :-D
> has to stand one more supper with relatives today, then it's finally over
v likes Christmas

26.12.2007, 20:43
^by skiing, yes!
<is on ski holiday
v the same

31.12.2007, 00:31
^No, I´m at home at the moment
< is drinking a cup of spearmint-tea
v hates spearmint-tea

01.01.2008, 21:18
< likes skiing
v hates winter sports

03.01.2008, 22:54
^ no, I don´t hate it, but I´m not very keen on winter sports
< is a little bit angry at the moment because of a dispute
v likes ice- skating as much as skiing

04.01.2008, 12:53
< prefers skiing
v wants to go to mountains during this winter

06.01.2008, 12:02
^would like to but I have to work, learn and caused by my move in an own appartement I have not that much money :-(! .. but next year :-D!
< already made her first "strudel"... and is very excited if it tastes that good like it smells ...
v also loves "applestrudel"

06.01.2008, 17:10
< is very, very nervous for tomorrow and after-tomorrow....
v has also her/is first day at a new job/career/school/traineeship...

06.01.2008, 21:19
^no, it will still take a few months until my first day at a new school but yesterday was my first working day in my new job
> is on her way to bed now
v hates unknown situations ;-)

Good luck for tomorrow, Flauta! :-top

10.01.2008, 21:26
< start wasn't at bad as I thought
v is very tired because has to work too hard

10.01.2008, 22:20
^ Ha ha! NOPE! :-))
> spent all day painting a picture - this is soooo relaxing and so much fun, I cannot believe it. Too bad I dson't get any money for it ;-)
v never tried painting

11.01.2008, 08:15
^ not right.tried it in Architektur once,but my Kommilitones laughed at me
> has to go to the Walachei
v has problems with coffee

11.01.2008, 21:43
< is very tired now
v is very fit

26.01.2008, 14:28
^ not at all

< is the most tired of all actually, he hasn't slept the whole night

v wants to make us fit for the next day somehow

26.01.2008, 14:35
^wants to be fit in Englisch
< needs people, to train writing and speaking English
v is the best ENglish-Speaker ever and will train me

27.01.2008, 10:03
^ is very welcome to practice her English with my help
< is certainly not the best but eager to be of assistance
v wants to stop smoking

27.01.2008, 13:27
^no, has NEVER tried one cigarette
< has to practice this afternoon
v will have a nice, sunny walk in nature

27.01.2008, 13:31
^ will do some not so nice studying :-kotz
> has 5 exams within the next 2 weeks :-kotz
v will kick my butt so I will quit spamming and get back to the books

27.01.2008, 13:38
^ will stop spamming with sweet Meuli
< want my students to be more active in the big project
v has also a big project to realize