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09.03.2007, 15:18
Hello everybody,

have you ever been in Hong Kong or another Asian country?

To be there to practice is an experiance of it's own class. Especially, if you think, you could use your Oxford-English from school.
First you'll have a lot difficulties to understand their "Chenglish".
"How do you do todaya?"
It will come more worse, if you try to understand, what they are speaking about in the clinic. Without the help of power point it was often not possible for me to understand one word from presentations.
But, afte maybe one or two weeks, you will begin to understand this language.
And please don't be shocked: At the end of your practical training, you will begin to speak "Chenglish", too.

"So, i hope, this little episod was funny for youla and I say good-byea"

09.03.2007, 15:25
It's a common misunderstanding to assume, that in the UK all people speak similar clear Oxbridge-English. The Londonian dialect is completely different from somebody from Manchester, or Cardiff, or Aberdeen. Not to mention Norfolk. I think teaching pronounciation in school is pretty useless.

A good book for colloquial English I can recommend is:


...you'd be amazed how many different strange words/phrases are there dealing with the intimate parts.

09.03.2007, 16:46
yea and do not forget the "pakistani-indian"-english. this also in a large part different from our english-dialect

09.03.2007, 17:37
Funny though in Ireland the doctors from Pakistan are much better to understand than the natives ;-)

Still I prefer the irish accent :-D

09.03.2007, 18:16
lol, are they realy? crazy :-P

09.03.2007, 22:15
@ Evil:I want to hear the Irish accent once!!

I nearly went to China (Peking and Shanghai) last Xmas. Izt would have been a concert tour, totaly paid by the organisation, but than the Chinese Ambassy decided that there were already too many foreign orchestras in the country and that this was a national danger.....so we didn't got the visa.