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18.08.2007, 16:41

As it is difficult to study medical science in germany, perhaps in Belgium???
I'm a Belgian medical student, I have all the info.
In Belgium you have to do a national exam to be allowed for medical school.(in brussels)
you can find allthe info(in dutch) on www.ond.vlaanderen.be/arts-tandarts
In the test you need to show you knowledge about science (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology) You get 10 questions of each(multiple choice).
That's the first part(forenoon) and in the afternoon you have a psychologic test.
The psychologic test is perhaps the most difficult for foreigners.
You have to do 3 tests :
1) IQ test in 60 minutes(in DUTCH).
2) A text in DUTCH wich you have to read in small time and answer questions about it.(it's to see how fast you can read and understand a text)
3) You see a video of a doctor and a patient (in DUTCH) and you have to answer questions about this. Is this good communication from the doctor...And things like that.

After that it's finished!!!
To pass you need 22/40 and 10/20 for each.
So, 8/20 on science and 15/20 on the psychologic test is a FAIL.
11/20 and 11/20 is a PASS.

After passing this test you can start medical school in every university of Belgium. (Gent, Leuven(www.kuleuven.ac.be), Hasselt(only first 3 years)(www.uhasselt.be),Brussel,Antwerpen,kortrijk )

The closest for german students is Hasselt and it's a very good university.

The cost of the national exam is 25 euros. and you need to subscribe on time for it.(info www.ond.vlaanderen.be/arts-tandarts)(it's two times a year, once in july and once in august)

To study in Belgium is cheap. 500-600 euro for the whole year.(Books are seperate)
A room in Belgium(150-450 euro/month)

So, that's all. Perhaps the national test is difficult for you cause it's in DUTCH.
But the science shouldn't be a problem.(for exercise look at "modelvragen" on www.ond.vlaanderen.be/arts-tandarts, these are questions from the past year)
The psychological test is more difficult.
My advice, as it is so difficult to start in Germany, come to Belgium and study BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE(biomedische wetenschappen) for 1 year.
You can start immediately(without a test), you will learn DUTCH for the national test (not so difficult for german students) and if you ass some exams of biomedical science , you will get exemptions in medical science.(the first year is almost the same)

If you want further info,just answer on this message and I will answer.

But I have questions for you too!!!
I'm at the end of my study. I've just finished my PJ and now I have to study one more year(the 7th) and I'll be a doctor.
But I want to be an orthopaedic surgeon, but in Belgium it's very difficult to be allowed.(this year 14 candidates for 5 places in Leuven)
Now, I wondered, can I do the weiterbildung in Germany?
Is orthopadie very popular or can I start immediately.
Perhaps you have some good adresses for me?
All info is welcome.


25.08.2007, 18:27

here you can buy a book about further training in orthopadie. In english and german.