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20.07.2009, 23:48
Does anybody know a good histology lab manual? Not script, these mean false friends :)
I mean like a online text book which you may print out?
This seems to be pretty good: http://www.bu.edu/histology/m/i_main00.htm

The pictures are really good because you first see the whole slide and then zooming in... but unfortunately you cannot print it.
So does anybody else know good histology notes with a loooot of picture :)?


Filius Mariae
05.01.2015, 16:52
Histology: An Indentification Manual by Robert B. Tallitsch and Ronald Guastaferri is an impeccable introductory manual which has ample micrographs AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, it teaches you HOW to identify structures in addition to avoiding common mistakes.

A Mosby publication in 2007, this book is thin and easy to read: about 200 something pages. All in all, picture-based text.

This thread was created six years ago and perhaps you may have been a Doktor now. But I hope my reply would benefit newcomers.