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    ...es gibt einen Weg... Avatar von Diddy
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    11. Klasse und Jahrespraktikum im KH

    in this theard you can write, if you were in England oder USA.
    -Where did you have been?
    -What was fantastic?
    -What was bad?
    -What did you love in this country?
    -How was the weather ^^
    and so on^^

    with love,


    Ps: Sorry for my bad english
    Glaube fest an deine Fähigkeiten.
    Glaube daran, daß deine Fähigkeiten unerschöpflich sind.
    Traue Dir etwas zu, glaube, es sei erreichbar für Dich, und du schaffst die Möglichkeit, dein Ziel zu erlangen

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    I traveled to england in my school time, I was in the 7th grade. We visit South England and Cornwell. It was fascinating and motivating to use the learned language skills in conversation, at the butcher , in the supermarket.....

    But, it has to be mentioned, the food, specially the jam, didn't taste very nice, when you were get used to the german (or for the jam to the french ) food quality.

    The people and the weather were friendly . At the coast the guarded military areas bother the peaceful atmosphere. But the little villages in the small bays compensate this impression, so the stay on the Island remember me as valueabel trip.

    Unfortunatly we had no time to visit London, the city specially the Buckingham Palace and the Tower or the docks sound(ed) interesting to me . But this can be done in the future, also like a trip to scotland ...Let the good times role, you know .

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    LA Avatar von alex1
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    "Just treat!"
    I have been to London, I believe it was back in 1995 or 1996.
    I enjoyed the city a lot, although it was awful warm. I think the bad thing about the weather in London during the summer months is the high humidity which combined with the high temperature forms a very unpleasant atmosphere.
    I visited all the famous sightseeings of course and did some extensive shopping as well.
    The food was by far better than what I had anticipated, I had some really good meals in London restaurants.
    What I absolutely despised were English bathrooms, which are a complete catastrophy. One can only wash his wands with either freezing cold or burning cold water.

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    gern geschehen Avatar von Kackbratze
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    Been to London to visit my wifes cousin.
    Lots of beer and pubs.
    Great time (just 3 days), unfortunaltely the cousin moved from London to Strasbourg.
    I dont like the french and their wine......it wine, not beer.

    And the other time I was in Edinburgh.
    3 days.
    First day was great, second day we went to the "new royal infirmary" (little france) by ambulance because my wife had a really bad GI-Infection.
    Third day I fell down the stairs in our b&b and sprayned my ancle pretty bad.

    I guess they wont sell us a room in that b&b again

    But everytime I really enjoyed it.

    And best of all, there is a 18hole golfcourse right in front of "little france".
    It a good reason to apply for a job there....

    Kacken ist Liebe!
    Salmonella ist Kacken!

    What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?

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    Reformgenervt Avatar von Flauta
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    In my life, I was twice in Great-Britain.
    The first time, we passed 2 nights in the area of London. This was with the musical team of our grammar school. We visited the city and went to the musical theatre. We watched the same musical that we presented in our school: les misérables.
    It was very fascinating.

    A few years later, I went to England on a concert tour with a wind orchestra. we were in Kings Lynn an vistied Oxford and Cambridge. In London we visited the city by bus and had about 6h to visit the city freely.

    The first travel was done bybus and ferry boat and the second by using the tunnel. I prefered the boat....I don't linke the idea to know that a big ocean is on the top of me....

    o my God, my English is so bad....
    Die blaue Blume ist aber das, was jeder sucht, ohne es selbst zu wissen, nenne man es Gott, Ewigkeit oder Liebe. Ricarda Huch

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