Today will be my last post. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a doctor for a year! Where did the time go? Am I really a “second-year” already? I can’t believe how much life has changed. All in all, being a doctor is much more wonderful than I imagined as a student- but also much, much harder. You’ve seen my ups and downs – I’m starting to feel like it’s similar to the stock market: every high is worth much, much more if it follows a low. I mean- The moments I’m down and humbled I am so much more aware of the responsibility I have so that when I am successful (at a procedure, at communicating with a patient’s family), it means so much more to me.

One of the hardest things has been to separate personal stress (whether simply physical as in a lack of sleep or food, or some sort of emotional drama) from work – and accepting that I’m human and can’t always be objective all of the time! I’m also learning to take better care of myself- eating right, getting lots of sleep (who knew sleeping until 8 a.m. could count as “sleeping in”?) and working out.

My experiences have also somehow separated my true friends from those who are more “fair weather” friends- some people can’t relate to the amount of responsibility I have now and the issues I talk about now and that’s ok. Good friends don’t need to be there every day- but when you do talk, it feels like no time has passed. I’m not afraid to open up anymore and talk about what I’m scared of, what I’m proud of, what I’m sick of.

I’m excited to see what my second year will bring! Take care, everyone! Believe in yourselves and be a team player!

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    I’m sorry to see you go. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Wish you all the best in what comes next.

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