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06.03.2007, 15:01
today is a historical day in my life - i think.
i have just written my last english test.
so what can i do for my english skills? i don't want to loose them after a while. what do you suggest and what did you do when you were in this situation?
iam not the best english-man so some advises would be great



06.03.2007, 15:47
hey, congratulations :-top

I read books :-lesen and newspapers (for example: USA Today) and visit websites such as Spiegel International (http://www.spiegel.de/international/) or BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/) regularly. It's also advisable to watch films and DVDs in english :-) .

06.03.2007, 16:11
Download some clips from Saturday Night Live, or watch them on Youtube, I think that's possible, too. It's a very good American comedy show!

Celebrity Jeopardy rulez :-))

06.03.2007, 19:42
English movies and books, at school I hated both. But start with thinks u already like. Like friends or neighbors. The first english book I ever enjoyed reading were the Tomorrow series from John Marsden. They are for teenagers so the writing is not that hard to understand. I still love those books.

07.03.2007, 10:44
Watch movies in English!
That is what I am doing ever since I started learning English. Now I can say that the original is always better than the synchronisation so you don't only do something for your english skills but the movies are better! ;-)

07.03.2007, 11:18
full ack! @ brownie

07.03.2007, 18:00
For medical English try http://www.talkingmedicine.com
For general English all the advice already given sounds good to me

07.03.2007, 20:17
hey, congratulations :-top

I read books :-lesen and newspapers (for example: USA Today) .
how about some serious newpaper like the New York Times :-))
I definetly agree to all those members who mentioned the aspect of newspapers and books, reading, be it any language is always helpful since you get to learn a bunch of new vocabularies and in addition you can perfectionate your way of expression.

And one of my favourite things to do are listening to music :-D and of course get yourself a number of english speaking friends - or to be precise online friends- (if possible native speakers) and talk to them on either msn or any other messenger that you might want to use.....

08.03.2007, 14:11
Why only online friends? Everywhere are native english speakers u can be friends with, at any uni, highschool, whatsoever. And why native speakers, I mean out there are a lot of great english speakers with another mothertongue than english. My experience is that some times non-native speakers have a better english than native speakers.

And the easiest way, noone jet has mentioned: Go to england, get drunk and just talk. That way u´ll overcome ur inhibitions. That together with constantly reading books and watching movies (in english), for me, it´s the best way! :-top