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09.03.2007, 12:43
this is going to be continued. please don't mind me adjusting the postings a little, so the plot(?) can still make sense(?).

Once upon a time there was a girl in a terrible state, a red dress. A little bunny, just too fast. (I just love this one :-)))
'This is a mess! Three words please', she said and her laaaaawyer, who is called Harald, the horny Harald, the awesome stud, (...)prefers to always make approaches to the drunk female students with alcoholic cirrhosis on curative purpose. But the lawyer speaks bad english, so he took a dictionary and struck his opponent.
Shocked about this laaaawyer-unlike accident, the drunk girls fainted in hyperventilation and their laaaaawyer, the hot stud, proceeded to rescue the helpless women by giving them two bottles of red wine in wonderful crystal glasses, and their laaaaawyer, the horny Harald, the other guy, wanted to give them also some legal advice for their plan: they wanted to have a big party where they could take some dolls and get some beautiful red socks, needles and other aphrodisiacs that will make it all convenient and very much ugly, so that they quickly changed their minds and went shopping.
They bought some very expensive fun-making item, and that was strange, moved directly to Mars. Trojan, back to Beate-Uhse-Shop, bought some skin-creme for his skin and a battery-driven pocket laaaaawyer, who was very horny, like Harald, the hot-looking laaaaawyer in full gear.
In the meantime, some somnolent spongehead like hypnotel called a doctor who started to sing about his life, that had been miserable before the establishment of 'internet'. But nowadays everything is much better and the girls look younger than the guys, who have a beard like Rasputin himself could never imagine! But imagination is the most important point in dreams, as dreams are often mirroring mental disorders and also your subconscious desires. But dreams may complicate the waking of children who suffer amphetamine therapy during which they are forced to write three-word-stories in a foreign language even though they had only learned to play the didgeridoo.

Harald, the horny laaaaawyer, that seductive rascal, and hypnotel, the polymorph android from Eroticon 6, where well-built blonde laaaaawyers used to go for fun, discovered jellybellybean-alike toys running around frantically.
Each of them sported a tiny little bit, but also some huge well-known item which Trojan also bought at the Beate-Uhse-store while Hypnotel was at home with five naked girls under the shower and enjoyed it.
Now his laaaaaawyer started to shout: "What the hell are you doing out there in this moment please?" - "I'm having a problem to solve emotional conflicts... Sir!"
"Could you please take the little bit of blood and put it into the big bucket down there?"
"Why should I do such a thing", hypnotel responded and ran away. Away he went, thinking that he would never ever do such things for his laaaaawyer. Then he took his big red laaaaawyer and walked out of sight, and after that, he had never ever been seen without his laaaawyer, so it seemed.
In the meantime, but in reality, hypnotel has had too much booze, as some other persons after being out would never consider reasonable.

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, and Santa nevertheless decided to sing like Elvis, but didn't quite succeed: cute, slobbering doggies and their owners were taking their teeth out and greeting the lads.
Of course the one and only fabulous spaceman Spiff wanted to be a famous laaaawyer, like horny Harold also wanted to. But when he flipped the bird, he noticed that spring had returned although it rained apples and pears.
Sweet little Linus and his guinea-pig loved that rain coming down on their both heads and shoulders. Elvis, who still lives, as apple presumes, joined the scene! He was happy as a kid, for his hair glowed neon golden!
"This new shampoo has low cholesterol and many proteins useful for your brain and teeth but also for the well-being of your future children."

Usually, men are hardly able to understand a woman, excluding hypnotel certainly, of course, sorry, at least probably. But when they bought that Ferrari, Schumacher was born again. They both became big stars, dominated the scene by shouting loud: "The world belongs to Purple Tentacle and his laaaawyer!"

Suddenly they saw a new car with a green bumper sticker that said "Hail Shiva", but of course it was fake, as the laaaawyer instantly noticed, smoking some very fancy Afghan hash cigar. After he finished, he was asleep, but then suddenly two amazingly ugly cowboys from Texas with very big red noses, who were known for plain, blunt alcoholism, spamming constantly, appeared.
Sooner or later both of them wanted to get pink dancing dresses with little green leaves on them, but their laaawyer wanted to see what was underneath the surface. Quickly he started to inject narcotics into their eyes so pale and empty - they fell asleep.
Their vital functions were observed by medianab and hypnotel, the very best anaesthesiacs in town. When they awoke everything was fine, they´ve had the special operations done, so later, the happiness was ubiquitous. Happiness, of course, required ignorance, so the laaaaawyer had an urgent need for some fresh and sweet lemonade, which was delivered by a sexy physician dressed in high heels and new sunglasses with big yellow stripes, but remained thirsty.

The next morning, everybody was dead, drunk or alive, but when they encountered the laaaawyer, they soon noticed that last night had been pretty bad. So they spent another one, and then they decided to go to the pub to drink some propylenglycol. After that, they went to the hospital, where some strange laaaawyer suddenly appeared and mentioned he would like to invite them to some non-alcoholic cocktails; but they declined.
Much better was Vodka and Nutella late at night, also arranged with some delicious and quite spicy red firecracker for free eating at home. Late at night she went immediately to the new House of God where she loved the chief of the ICU. But suddenly someone opened his mouth and started to vomit green and yellow pieces of an American beauty, smelling like fish and tasting awful.

Lester Burnham wanted to live again, so he decided to work out in a nice little underage schoolgirl, but suddenly they realized that there was this weird neighbor, who rushed in, shooting Lester in his left ear.
He got drunk because he had three women at his room late on shift. Today was a very nice day because there was lots of amusement in the street of the city; everybody was having fun catching butterflies.
Meuli and hypnotel, however, hate histology like bobby, but unlike Tobi, he hates other stuff like vegetables. All day, he hates histology but next Monday he'll love histology, but only if pigs learn to fly like dogs.
Kitty the pink cat is a very good scientist because she invented kennels for Pavlov's dogs.

10.03.2007, 17:41
Hehe, very good, love it! :-top