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11.03.2007, 00:22
a police-man stops a young woman, who drove with 80km/h in an 30km/h-zone, the following conversation took place:

P: may I see your drivers-licence, please?
F: I do not have any. It was taken away from me last week, as I drove with drunkenly with my car for the third time...
P: I see. Then show me the vehicle registration certificate, please.
F: Oh, I do not have any, this is not my car, I`ve stolen it..
P: The car is stolen ??
F: Yes - but please let me consider... , I think, I`ve seen them in the glove-box, as I put my gun in there.
P: You have a gun in your glove-box ?
F: Right. I throwed it in there fastly, after I shot the owner of this car, then I deposited the dead body in the boot.
P: A dead body in the boot??
F: Yes!

After the policeman had heard this, he called on his colleague on duty via funk to get assistance. The car was surrounded. As the colleague arrived, he approached slowly to the woman and asked again:
P: May I please see your drivers-licence?
F: Surely. There you are. (woman shows the valid licence)
P: Whose car is this?
F: Itīs mine- here are the certificates.
P: Can you open the glove-box, please, I want to check, if there is a gun in there.
F: Of course. Iīm up for it, but I do not have a gun in there. (Of course, there was no gun in the glove-box)
P: May I please have a look to the boot. My colleague told me, there is a dead body in there. (boot: no dead body)
P: I really do not understand this. The policeman, who stopped you, told me, you do not have any licence, you have stolen the car, you have a gun in the glove-box and a dead body in your boot.
F: Thatīs pretty steep! I guess, he also stated, I drove to fast!!!

:-) :-) :-)

18.03.2007, 20:02
haha ... yeah ... you should have two opened eyes if you deal with women. It is also my experience I can talk about :) Women are pretty clever and their look is even great - it's an dangerous mixture. We, the men, have the cleverness we need to survive but it's taking a back seat when there is a woman shaking her body :)

Oh we are soooo stupid but women also need us and that's great ! *smile*

29.03.2007, 08:59