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13.03.2007, 03:18
(Sorry, same topic as in USA-Forum)

At present I'm trying to organize my PJ in the US which will start in February of 2008. Apart from the immense costs this will bring up for me I'm facing some other questions/problems now. I hope some of you have experiences in this and will be able to help me.

Both the times for the single PJ-thirds in Germany and the times for the electives at American hospitals are set and may not be changed.
How can I solve this problem and still make it work?

How many thirds of the PJ kann be completed abroad?

At most hospitals international students may not apply for "core clerkships", instead there is the possibility to take "clinical electives".
Are these "clinical electives" (subspecialties) accepted as PJ-thirds in Germany (e.g. Medicine, Surgery, etc.)?

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to your replies.

17.03.2007, 14:06
Judging from my experiences, it all comes down just to two things:
1. LPA
2. Your school's policies and restrictions regarding PJ somewhere else.

If your LPA agrees on waiting times as opposed to time of absensce, you might be able to fit your schedule to the one of your school of choice in the US.
To illustrate this I will give you an example (actually this is how I did it):
Regular start of my first Tertial in the middle of August, regular end at the end of November after 16 weeks.
WAITING TIME for four weeks, started two rotations in the US (Anesthesia and Intensive Care, both four weeks each) on January 2nd. Meaning: Finished half a trimester in the US, one week additional waiting time for coming back etc. Started my regular remaing eight weeks in Anesthesia here in Germany. After that change to Surgery outside (!) the rotation schedule of my school here in Germany (Berlin).

My school here in Germany is pretty liberal with not adhering to their regular schedules and times if we go abroard. I have no idea how this might be handled by other LPAs and schools. I'm afraid you need to see somebody at your respective LPA and your school.

17.03.2007, 17:52
From what I know, the LPA of Northern Rhine/Westfalia doesn't object too much. I know about colleagues who took their complete PJ abroad and the exam here or just went abroad in the middle of a tertial on a short notice.

It certainly helps to discuss the matter with the LPA clerk responsible for handling it. So try to call and/or arrange a meeting before going overseas.