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10.11.2007, 09:58
I searching for a good application in english... does anyone has a good one ??? and could send it to me??? THANKS

greets Engelschen :-angel

here's my email-add. vocissimo@gmx.de

13.11.2007, 22:15
What kind of application? Mud massage? I have no idea what you are talking about.

The Runt
25.11.2007, 10:57
What´s the porpuse? Is the application for an undergrate clinical elective? Or is it for graduate training? And for witch country is it? UK, US, Commenwealth?

11.12.2007, 22:03
I am also interested in an application as an elective in the the UK, and to be more exact in internal medicine. How can I tell them why I do want to spend just this part of my final year in the UK? I am searching for some convincing ideas of motivation.
Can anybody help?