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06.12.2014, 16:43
Dear Students,

Our group currently offers two positions for outstanding students who expect to receive their PhD. or MD degree to participate in an innovative research program in cooperation with Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI), University of Houston (UH) and Tulane University (TU) in New Orleans starting from March 2015.

The project conducted at our Houston facilities is focusing on the molecular mechanisms of interaction between adult stem cells and cardiomyocytes in a model of chronic myocardial infarction.

Our laboratory at Tulane University in New Orleans is investigating the interaction of oral anti-diabetics and stem cells as well as the role of stem cells in formation of metastasis.

The fellowships are intended to provide students who are interested in research with an opportunity to utilize the state-of-the-art resources at HMRI, UH and TU and to interact with stem cell experts in order to develop their own scientific and professional growth. Both projects require one year of full time work at our laboratories in the United States starting from March 2015.

Interested individuals should be highly motivated and dedicated to research. To apply please send your CV, a personal statement describing research interests and career goals, as well as two letters of references to Prof. Dr. Eckhard Alt using this email address: ahaenel[at]houstonmethodist.org


Alexander Haenel